In 1983 five concerned young women from the Elm Grove Junior Guild decided to form a non-profit group to support the relatively young and growing Elm Grove Library. The library, as an addition to the village hall, had only recently been built, have formerly been housed in the Park View meeting with room of the village hall.

These young women meet weekly for almost a year, working on a mission statement and bylaws, and creating an organizational structure based on information gleaned from contact made with local and national groups to see how they were structured. Finally, in May of 1984, they were ready to hold their first public meeting to establish the Friends of the Elm Grove Library. Would anyone come?

That evening about thirty people attended. They paid their dues and approved the initial bylaws. They elected officers. An attorney came forward that evening and offered to help the fledgling group apply for official 501 (c) (3) non-profit status. An accountant in the audience offered to help set up the organization’s books and audit its financial reports. By June, the president had filled all the board positions and FOEGL held its first board meeting.

And the rest is history …

Today FOEGL is one of the largest library friends groups in the State of Wisconsin with over 200+ members.