After being COVID closed, we were back in full swing in 2021 – 2022. Our November
Mini-Sale in conjunction with the Elm Grove Business Association’s Holiday in the
Grove was a huge success earning us $1,115.00. People were so very ready to get
out, shop and support our library!
On the FOEGL eBay site, which was begun in January of 2019, we sold high end and
special interest items. This effort was led by Sally Cashin. We have raised $2,200 from
selling approximately 26 books.  Since starting to sell ion eBay we have raised
approximately $5,300.00 for our library.
After collecting books for two years we were more than ready for our HUGE March
Sale. As we all know it takes a village to have a whale of a sale and the village certainly
turned out for the Friends of Elm Grove Library’s 35th Used Book Sale March 3-6. Once
again, our community showed strong support for the event after we were forced to skip 2021.

More than 80 people volunteered during the 3 1/2 day event. Our volunteers helped during pre-sale to sort and set up, during the sale kept things well stocked and our customers happy. Students from Marquette University High School helped transport large purchases to cars. Many friends and neighbors found books, CDs, DVD and other media for their families. Proceeds from the sale of $18,750 will benefit the Elm Grove Public Library. Nonprofit organizations received donations of unsold items.