A Letter from FOEGL President Sally Cashin

Libraries are unassuming; open shelves and kind, knowing librarians encourage exploration.  Libraries are welcoming to all inquisitive minds and lifelong learners.

Libraries are magical; children travel to fantasy worlds and adults are free to ponder.

I love our Library.

Whether young, old, or somewhere in between, I hope your summer involved some wandering in the Library. FOEGL volunteers were hard at work to help our Library grow! You may have noticed the beautiful gardens flanking the Library’s entrance — carefully tended by FOEGL volunteers, “book worms” as we like to call them — and expanded this summer with the generous donation of perennials from Chris Fehlhaber of Northwind Perennial Farm. Thanks also to co-chairs Kristina Olkowski and Megan Sayas for another successful Bookie Cookie Sale raising $1,387.

In June, FOEGL proudly presented the Library with a check for $17,000, funds raised from the annual Used Book Sale. With this money, the Library plans to purchase children’s books and audiobooks, special shelving in children’s area to hold all these new collections, adult books and audiobooks, as well as a new Blu-ray collection. In addition, $500 will be used for adult programing — a new collaborative effort between the Library and FOEGL.